Easter 2011

Sunday was the day we celebrated that our Savior has risen.  And celebrate we did!  We started our morning by going to ChapelNext.  We got there on time, but too late to get a seat!  We had a record 345 people in attendance!  We worked through some technical difficulties and were able to hear most of the praise and worship and all of the sermon downstairs (and in the nursery) in overflow.

The Overflow needed overflow!

So many people... Loved it!

CHs Jennifer and Matt on screen

After church I ran home and put the “deviled” in the eggs and let the Easter Bunny in. (Okay, the boys know I’m the Easter Bunny.)  Matt got home about 30 minutes after I did and we let the boys  open their baskets and eat some candy.  Nana had sent each of them some goodies as well.

All 4 on their knees checking out their treats.

Then it was time to head to the Cooper’s house for FOOD!  We are blessed to have an awesome set of friends to enjoy special events with and Easter was no exception.  After the food (priorities, people) a group of bunny-wanna-be’s headed to the neighborhood park to hide eggs for the big kids.  20 minutes later a pack of kids followed the trail and the hunt was on.  My only complaint was that the field of pollen, I mean, dandilions, was in direct light, harsh sunlight.  I would have loved to have some shade for better picture opportunities.  But I think I got some fun pictures in spite of all that.  Hope your Easter was as beautiful as ours, even if you got snow (I know some of you did!).  All the festivities are moot without the reason we were gathering.  I am thankful He rose.  I am thankful He’s alive.

Connor and Parker have naturally done this on more than one occasion.

Hayden is a natural with the babies, and Kayla LOVES him.

Kempton... those eyes...

Sweet smile from Tinsley

Wyatt on the hunt!

Jessica loving her camera!

Owen found the silver egg!

Logan hunting.

Brothers in the field.

Parker enjoyed sitting and playing with the flowers. (Briefly.)

I LOVE this shot of these boys. SO representative of how they were feeling about sitting in the grass! Parker was loving it, Connor, not so much.

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2 Responses to Easter 2011

  1. Shannon says:

    Wow!! All of these pictures absolutely amazing!!!!! Wonderful job!

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