Kitchen full o’ Pampered Chef

That would be awesome! I have been a huge fan of Pampered Chef since the very first party I attended in FCBC’s gym-kitchen. Slowly over the years I have been adding to my collection of PC items and replacing less-than-stellar tools with the good stuff.

Saturday night I hosted my annual PC party and got a few fun pictures (I’ve edited the yellow tint out of these images, so if you read this post earlier, I’ve made corrections). I’m working toward a goal in sales so I can get the double burner griddle for free, and I’m pretty close. If you want to order, you are certainly welcome to!

If so you can go to and type in my name. Then order lots and lots of knives and pots and pans. Okay, you don’t have to buy anything, but you can check out a few of their new items. My current wish list includes the Adjustable Tiered Stand, the Double Burner Griddle, as I mentioned earlier, and the Cool and Serve Square Tray. Can’t wait to see which items I get to order!

Someone just asked me on Facebook what my favorite, can’t-live-without items from PC are.  Well, I’m happy to answer you Ashea!  To begin with, the stones.  I have had the large and medium round stones for about 8 years and they are seasoned to perfection.  (They come to you the color of sand, and as you use them (AKA, “season” them) they get darker and darker.)  I use my stones all the time.  I also have the rectangular baker and the rectangular bar pan.  Amazing.  Not flashy, like some of the other gadgets, but I see them as the “foundation” of my kitchen.  The “walls” of my kitchen are the pots and pans.  It took 9 years to finally get the nerve to spend the money on these.  Here’s what I did:  I hosted a party with a friend.  We had a LOT in sales, and then as one of our “half-off
items we bought the largest set of pans PC sells.  Then we split it fairly (I have a large family, she has an average sized… so it worked out well).  Then I added a few additional pieces to round out my kitchen.   Now, no house is complete without a ceiling.  For life of me I can’t figure out what PC items represent the ceiling! 🙂  But as for the fun things inside the home, all the other gadgets and utensils are a good representation.  I use the Mix n Chop to ground the many pounds of beef my family eats.  It’s like using 3 spatulas at a time to get the meat as finely ground as possible.  So, knowing I so enjoy my PC stuff, lots of people have tried to get me to sell.  Just not for me.

My BIG wish for this party. I could make SO many pancakes simultaneously and maybe cut my cooking time drastically. Usually, by the time I have finished cooking all the pancakes my family is full and has left the building...

What's a party without coffee?

More snacks for the party, beside the pretty flowers from Kelly. (Displaying many of my Pampered Chef items!)

The centerpiece for our table was the Trifle bowl with the fruits and veggies we used in the salsa.

Party in progress...

The blade for the new hand mixer. On my wish list!!

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3 Responses to Kitchen full o’ Pampered Chef

  1. Jonelle says:

    Hey, you can take the yellow out of pics either in iPhoto or in Photoshop. I don’t know what you use to edit pics, but it’s easy. Let me know what you use, and i can tell you how to do it. The name for it is Remove Color Cast. If you tried and it didn’t work, then you can ignore this. Wish we could have been there!!!!! With the exchange rate right now, all of our money is going to food and utilities. Praying for a reprieve soon! Thankful the Lord is providing!

    • Jennifer says:

      Okay, I’ve done it. I know how to do it, I was just being lazy. Well, I know how to do it in iPhoto which is very basic and limited. I despise Photoshop but that’s okay, because I’m working on getting the right color/exposure in camera (by LEARNING my camera) so before long I hope I rarely need to color correct. I made the corrects and uploaded the better images. Inside my house, it is really hard to get the WB right. I have florescent and tungsten lights, and a lot of natural light! So, I alternate between 3 different settings to get a good shot. Plus, I’ve discovered I have a strange eye that prefers things a bit too yellow. Often I’ll think something looks good on the LCD screen because it looks warm and cozy and later I find it looks jaundiced. BUT, when I go to color correct it (as in the image above of the veggies in the trifle bowl) when I get it corrected, it looks stark and cold at first. It takes a while for my eyes to adjust to the corrected image. No idea what’s wrong with me!! 🙂

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