They’re a good family…

Those were the words Hayden spoke to me as we walked home tonight.  He and his brothers have had a great weekend with the Irvin family.  Their son, Nathan, is friends with each of my boys and he’s a joy to have over.  He knows how to make Parker laugh! When Nathan got the new Narnia movie, he (via his mom) invited the boys to a sleep-over.  They also invited two other boys, so there were a total of 6 boys at Nathan’s house at a time, though I’m not sure if the other two spent the night.  The thought of me having a house full of 6 boys is not a far stretch.  Add two more and I’m there.  But to get Debbie to that number, she added 5 more!

After home-made pizza, popcorn, and a breakfast of pancakes, the boys came home and crashed.  Meaning, all three fell asleep!  After a fun afternoon at another friend’s birthday party they returned home and played outside while I had a blast at my Pampered Chef party.  At some point Hayden ran in and said that Mr. Nyhl was dying eggs and that he needed our eggs.  Seriously?!?  Could this get any better?  After the crazy weekend I’ve had I was not sure the eggs that I had prepared at 6 am were going to get dyed.

After the party I went down to the Irvin house to gather my boys and snap a few pictures. Mr. Nyhl was hands-on in the eggs, stained blue and purple, helping my boys get their eggs just right, while his kids were already done and playing other games.  I tried to help clean up but they had it under control, with newspaper covering the table (good thinking…).  I need some way to thank them for their unusual hospitality and generosity, but nothing seems quite adequate.  When someone takes a child in and makes him feel welcome, that’s amazing.  When they’re willing (on frequent occasions) to take THREE boys in and make them feel welcome, that’s beyond amazing!

Just getting started on the eggs. Not too much of a mess yet...

Egg decorating has gotten more messy.

Hayden working on one of his eggs.

Mr. Nyhl helping Carson

Bailey working on one of his eggs.

Our eggs beside the beautiful flowers Kelly C. gave me tonight!

Oh, how we're going to miss Nathan... (Oh, I didn't mention in my post earlier, but Nathan's family is moving this summer and our family will miss theirs tremendously.)

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1 Response to They’re a good family…

  1. Debbie Irvin says:

    Thanks Jen. We had a great time with the boys!

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