long bus ride

Bailey has been improving his reading skills every day, though at a much slower pace than his older brothers.  He has no idea about that, of course.  He’s just now getting to the point where he can read chapter books with assistance.  His favorite series right now is Henry and Mudge, and they are fairly matched to his reading level.  Because I want to stretch him, I am having his read this Junie B. Jones book, one chapter a day, as well as whatever Mudge book he wants to read on his own.
Today we read a school-bus ride conversation between Junie B. and “that meanie Jim,” and it seemed extra long to him.   He has an annoying (yet endearing) habit of stopping after ever few sentences to offer his predictions, what-if’s, etc..  At one such break he looks at me and says, “How long is this bus ride?!?”

(I was tempted to tell him that it wouldn’t be so long if he’d just READ without stopping to talk, but it was so cute that I just shook my head in agreement.)

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