Spring fever

That phrase has always struck me as a pleasant one.  Expectant.  Ready for spring. Excited about what was to come.  Today, however, it’s hitting me in the funny bone… you know, that place that’s supposed to be funny, but it hurts like the dickens and you want to cry, yet you can’t because you’re too focused on rubbing that “bone” to make the pain go away. NOT funny.

I’m in the mood to cry but can’t because I’m just trying to finish up this year.  We’re DONE.  Not “done” as in “finished with our school work for the year” but “done,” as in “Oh dear Lord, is it SUMMER BREAK YET?!?”  I can only say I’m thankful we are will be finished with the year around the first of May.  I wouldn’t make it till the middle of June…

I know.  Homeschoolers are supposed to love school everyday.  We’re supposed to feel happy feelings all the time and not complain, because, of course, we brought this on ourselves.  Teachers in public schools are allowed to sit around in the lounge and count down the days until summer, but homeschooling moms are supposed to love every minute of their jobs.  And the worst part is, when you complain about a particular student, IT IS YOUR STUDENT!  So you REALLY can’t complain about your students.

Yes, I’m aware I can put them in school.  I could have 180 days a year with them out of my hair and in someone else’s  hair.  But then I’d miss out on the great things I love about homeschooling, so I will endure days like today when I want to throw the books AND THE KIDS out the window and say, “See ya lata!”  I could also choose to ignore that there are days like today, but then I’d be accused of only blogging about the good stuff.  Normally I like Mondays.  I never dread them.  And I didn’t dread this one, it just turned out to be rough.

Notice the Kleenex in the foreground... Not our best day.

Carson caught me sneaking a picture of him...

And he hid from me...

And then the principal walks in with a consolation... 🙂

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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6 Responses to Spring fever

  1. Dang, my hubby’s in the States and I want one too!!!! Glad to know I’m not the only who feels this way! BTW, do you take your pics in RAW? I’m debating, but they take up so much more room!

  2. Pam says:

    Oh, Jennifer! We have many days like that…but I keep asking the Lord to remind me of why we homeschool and the good far outweighs the bad. Today was actually a good day for us. I realized that I have been assigning too much all year (hence the frustration for the last year) . We have finished History and Science already and still have 52 more days of school left. The good part is the relief Jamie felt as he took his last Chemistry test today. And knowing that the last days of our school year will be more relaxed and more fun filled activities of learning, life skills, digital photography, meeting the great composers, reading “fun” books, etc.

    You are not alone in those feelings though! And I am glad you posted because it lets me know that I am not alone on those days either! I love you!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks, Pammy. I appreciate your sweet words and YEAH FOR YOU being near the end! We only have about 20 days left and we can make it… I’m sure of it!!!

  3. Ashea Griffin says:

    I love reading blogs….I look for them almost everyday!!!! Your blog it under my favorites. Thank you so much for letting me in on a little of your life!!! You are a inspiration to me. I know there are bad days in homeschooling but I am living proof that there are bad days when you send you kids to school!!! I am looking so forward to homeschooing next year.
    Thanks again!!!!

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