Activity – okay, this is a stretch…

I’ve enjoyed trying to come up with words with the -ity suffix as titles for my blogs. So far they’ve been fairly easy, but this one just isn’t matching the overall description of this post.  This blog entry IS about yesterday’s activity, so it works, but before long they just won’t cut it.

Getting to the main point of my writing, yesterday the boys went outside for about 30 minutes before coming in complaining of it being hot.  Oh my, they are so much like me and Matt.  It was only around 75 degrees!  They came in and tried to turn on the T.V.  Not gonna happen!

I had just put Parker down for a nap, but that didn’t matter.  We loaded up the stroller with snacks, the baby, and grabbed swords, walking sticks, and my camera.  My intention was to head to “the fields” and then back but when we got to the place we normally turn around, I got an idea.  We could see the cranes on WAAF and I issued a challenge to the boys:  “Do you think we could walk all the way to WAAF?”  They were very excited and we wanted to see if we could!  And we made it!   We got some fun pictures along the 5 mile walk.

Learning how to adjust exposure to account for backlighting.

Oh, how fun the boys had pretending this tractor was coming after us. Too bad it turned the other way or we might have a story to tell!

Nicely placed bench for a Nilla Wafers and water break

Parker rides in style, feet crossed, enjoying the view.

Handsome Hayden

Handsome Carson

Handsome Bailey

The path sign to our little town.

At this point we could see our final destination!

Walking on removed train tracks

Carson throwing a rock

The boys were rewarded with a sword fight with Dad

Matt and a friend made these swords for the boys. All 4 of my oldest boys (Dad, H, C, & B) love them!

My warrior... he lost his sword and is using a walking stick. I think he was still winning the battle.

Parker enjoyed watching the sword fight, especially since he was no longer in his stroller and Ms. Bethany had him!

Oh, and the best part was that we just rode home with Dad!

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3 Responses to Activity – okay, this is a stretch…

  1. Jess says:

    wow, 5 miles? My kids would have been laying on the side of the road after a mile!! 🙂

  2. Stephen says:

    I so enjoy reading about your adventures.

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