So yesterday was a tough day, with the boys on “Alternate Schedule” so I could tend to a feverish baby with an ear infection.  I was about as pleasant as Parker was, so I was more than happy to try to make it up to the boys with a picnic.

It was Hayden’s idea and as soon as I agreed, he started making sandwiches, gathering waters, and loading the cooler.  It felt good to do something nice after being a grump all day.  While we were out there, I bribed them with the chance to have a super good dessert if I could get a single killer picture of all four of them.  I was pleased with this one and yes, I sent them to AWANA hopped up on Bailey’s chocolate cake!  (You’re welcome, Mr. Zak!)
Parker was feeling the best he’d felt all day and was happy to crawl around in the grass.  He LOVES to pick leaves and grass and throw them.  (Notice his big toe poking out of his socks… nice.)And for the first time, my baby’s hands got filthy.  He’s turning into a boy right before my eyes, as evidenced by the lack of concern for the dirt, a keen interested in his brothers’ wrestling antics and his daddy’s dangerous “baby drops” onto the pile of pillows on our bed (as I cringe, waiting for the crying to start, which never occurs).(I’m still learning this new website and so I accidentally pressed “Publish” instead of “Preview.”  UGH.  It sent my post to the world with mistakes!!  SO SORRY!)

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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3 Responses to Spontaneity

  1. mehancock says:

    Love those pictures especially that little toe sticking through his sock. Cute!!

  2. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    I am seeing if this will “due it… Hopefully it will. At least I got to read the post. For that I am greatful!

    Such precious pictures. And, it’s okay to let the boys know that parents aren’t always “perfect” and have their bad days as well. And you did the right thing! Taking them on a picnic and allowing little Parker-Man get dirty and show his toe through the sock! That is priceless! Ha. Just join the rest of us in our inferior ways… then you will KNOW you are “normal”! Love to you all.


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