Summer cleaning:  Today is 9 August 2015 and I’m doing a general update of my blog and moving some things around. I no longer want a tab at the top about photography, but don’t necessarily want that page lost forever, so I’m converting it to a blog post. Here it is, as originally published on 29 March 2011.

I love pictures. I look forward to taking pictures and then seeing the results in MOMENTS on my computer screen. I have uploaded pictures from my SD card 6 times today. I kid you not. Partly because I have been taking an online photography class and I keep finding opportunities to practice. Partly because my newest toy arrived today. My Nikon 50mm fixed focal length lens. Oh. What. Fun.

I took Parker out to see the daffodils in the late afternoon and got a few of him but he just doesn’t feel well. He mostly looks pitiful in the images.

Here is a separate blog I’ve set up just for me to display my favorite images. I don’t know how often I’ll add to it, so just check back every now and then, if you’re interested: through my lens.  (As of August 2015 this site is still available, but I never really put much on it.)

I have a whole page dedicated to the gear I use. It seems all the cool photographers have a page like that, so I decided to add one myself! No, really. It’s because I get asked quite often about what camera I use and I thought I’d consolidate the information I’m so often sharing into one page. Click here for the cameras and gear page.

Regarding the class I took to get me from auto to manual, I’ve written about that here. It’s called “Oh Shoot” and was at the website  (Last I checked this class was no longer offered.)

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