>Ten on Ten : March 2011


Today I am taking a new challenge. a photo challenge. it’s called TenOnTen and the idea is by the blogger of a bit of sunshine

The goal is to take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding much life and beauty amongst the ordinary things of our day! Here I go!

7:50 – Dinner started early (now that’s a beautiful thing!)

8:45 – Keeping Parker out of the hallway where Bailey was putting number cards in order
9:45 – Doing a Math lesson with Bailey

10:45 – History – Learning a bit of England’s history before we go there next week

11:40 – Parker time

12:45 – Heading out the door for P.E.

1:45 – Homeschool P.E. (me practicing “panning”)

2:45 – Tired baby – he missed his nap during P.E.

3:45 – ME TIME! (working on this blog during “me time”)

4:45 – Putting dinner together
5:45 – Eating Dinner (this is my long-awaited cheese grater!!)

6:45 – Love is spelled “TIME” and “TIME” sounds an awful lot like “Dad, will you play catch with me?” And when it gets dark before dinner is over, an episode of Mythbusters will always suffice…

(I think I cheated… I did more than 10 photos. Oh well. I can’t write a short blog for the life of me… why did I think I’d be able to keep it short in photos?!?)

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