>"Are you ONE?"


My sweet baby has learned a trick. When I ask, “Are you ONE?” he raises one finger. We’ve been practicing for a few weeks and I think it is absolutely adorable! Below is a cute clip of him trying out this new trick:


I sit here looking back at the past year, amazed at the blessings God has poured on us. Parker has completed our family and made us feel whole and content in a way I didn’t know was possible. I never knew what it was like for older siblings to adore younger ones, because each older brother was still a baby when a younger one was born. With the gap between the first three and Parker I am seeing a whole different side of “big brother-ness” and I love it.
Hayden is an absolutely adorable big brother who enjoys showing off his baby. He ALWAYS asks if he can hold him in public, wants to make sure that others see him with Parker. Carson, I can tell, already misses the infant stage of Parker’s life, as he wants to hold Parker in that snuggly position while Parker wants to be on the go! Bailey loves to tickle and generally mess with Parker, and it rarely bothers the little guy. These three brothers have definitely helped Parker to have the easy-going personality we so enjoy.
Here are some of the things I love about Parker:
his wild and crazy hair that I plan to have tamed (i.e. cut) by his actual birthday;
his infectious laugh that starts small but grows until it envelopes the entire room;
the way he still can’t get from belly to bottom while roaming around the house;
the fact that he’s content to lie on his belly and play since he can’t get to his bottom;
how he will not swallow those stinking little legos we have everywhere, but will just gnaw on them until one of us digs it out of his mouth;
that he will eat anything I make for him, except spaghetti (which just so happens to be his big brothers’ favorite meal), or plain yogurt, but who can blame him;
his blue eyes that both captivate me and melt me simultaneously;
that he sleeps 12 hours at night, 2 hour morning nap, 3 hour afternoon nap, and sometimes an hour evening nap;
how he about jumps off the changing table if he hears his big brothers in the hallway;
that no matter how I tried to prevent it, he still sucks his left thumb (and only his left);
how he can eat more than I do;
that he no longer throws up after each meal due to his acid reflux getting so much better;
how he has a crush on my friend, Jessica, and has since he was itty-bitty;
that he will sit quietly and enjoy his stroller while I run (even if I’m not really enjoying the run);
how his mouth gapes open in wonder as he explores his surroundings;
how he looks so much like his oldest brother, Hayden, with whom he has an extra close relationship;
how he will say “NANA” instead of “MAMA” much to my mom’s delight;
that he’s learning the meaning of “no” and will actually listen to me, sometimes;
how he loves his walker and can RUN through the house;
that I have to wear slippers or he get up to top speed and run into my heels, excited to see mama…
and I will continue to find things about Parker that I love with all of my heart.
What a blessed woman I am!
(And wait a bit and I’ll post a blog about his absolutely wonderful first birthday party!)

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