>Snapshot of today

>I want to write but I’ve been spending my time doing other valuable things. Lately I’ve been filling my quiet moments learning German. I feel so pleased when I’m out and about and I see German words and know what they mean! Yesterday I saw the word “kalt” on a pipe and knew it was referring to a “cold” water pipe. Means so little to most people but I was ecstatic. I can say many phrases intelligibly and I understand dozens more than I can speak. But my southern dialect is killing me at time. The computer does NOT recognize the word for “excuse me.” Entschuldigung. Really!?! I have said it in context and the native German speakers understood me. Why can’t Mr. Stone get it?!? (That would be Mr. Rosetta Stone who lives in my computer.)

So, as I sat here the other day I realized my days should be documented as is. No frills, fuss or fixing up. So, I snapped a picture of where I was sitting at that moment. Here’s what you see (and this might be a bit too much info for some of you…sorry).

The contrast in this photo is more about the actual items and their current roles in my life rather than the actual composition of the image. On the left you’ll see what part of my life is like regarding our newest addition, Parker. I plan to eventually leave Parker with daddy for a few hours at a time and I am preparing for that in a way that only a nursing mother can.

To the right of the milk is a book I’m currently using to teach the older three history. I spent a week preparing for school this year and, today, our third day into it, I can tell we’re going to have a great year! So here are my contrasts: Preparing to leave my almost 5 month old for a few hours while simultaneously preparing to instill knowledge into the minds of my older three. Quite a different set of activities but both done out of sheer love for these sons of mine!

This is Parker wearing his duckie bathrobe. How cute is this?!? I really need to get a good picture of him wearing it and frame it to match his older brothers’ duckie pictures!

Another part of me wants to develop my skills in photography. Here I was trying out something I learned on a
friends’ blog. I got it! (Foreground AND backgrounds blurry.)
And here I just can’t resist those eyes! He’s adorable. In every single way.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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