>Legos, Parks, and Swaddles

>This is one of those random posts that has no purpose other than to document our normal, everyday lives. Memories that matter even if they aren’t spectacular.

My boys love Legos. They are the “Scuba Steve” of our existence, that’s for sure. (Movie reference. You get 4,000 points if you can name the movie.) One thing about Legos is that they are always evolving. We don’t have the kind of boys who build a work of art and set it on a shelf. We have the kind of boys whose mother captures every moment on film and preserves it that way. So, what would boys with that kind of mother do when they build something? Borrow her camera, of course. That way they can tear it down and build something else, while saving the memory of that creation forever. And here are their latest creations, photographed by them:

Yes, this is a Lego gun, taped together by Duct tape sent to Hayden from Grammy.
Indiana Jones scene.

And Indy captures the idol.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –
We love the park. We love to go outside and run and play, but we had a cold spell a couple of weeks ago. Parker was cold and tired, so I used one of his favorite blankets and swaddled him, just as we do to put him to bed. He was in heaven… outside, swaddled, watching his brothers play.
With a bib ever-ready to capture the spit-up created by his severe acid reflux issues.
Can you spot Carson?

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