>We’re potty-training again!!!

>No, I don’t mean we have a toddler in the house learning to use the bathroom instead of a diaper. I’m talking about something I should have done LONG ago… Let me explain.

For the past several months I’ve noticed that my three sons REFUSE to flush the toilet. At least 4 times a day I walk into one of our three bathrooms only to find a yellow surprise! (Sometimes there’s more than a yellow surprise, which REALLY makes me cringe!) Well, today I reached my limit. I decided that any time I found unflushed urine one of my boys was going to clean the toilet. Not just come in and flush (that trick didn’t work). I decided this would be a rotating experience, starting with Hayden. I knew that within one day all three would have the opportunity to learn this skill.
Well, before we left for chapel this morning I found my first surprise. I called Hayden in and gave him the 5 minute lesson… He cleaned the toilet the way I would: every inch, including the floor around. I made sure he even learned how to spray the cleaner correctly… several inches away with a sweeping motion. Let’s say he KNOWS how to do it the right way. I wonder how many more times he’ll have to.
Soon after we got home from Rangers this evening, TWO toilets had yellow surprises in them. I took Carson and Bailey into one of the bathrooms and made Bailey clean and Carson watch. After Bailey finished I had Carson move to the other bathroom and work.
I can’t wait to see if we have to repeat this tomorrow, but let me tell you… boys ages 8, 6, and 5 ABSOLUTELY CAN clean toilets. Don’t let them fool you any longer!
(Oh, and as encouragement for those of you out there who are really potty-training toddlers, hang in there. Before you know it you’ll be teaching them how to clean that toilet, working yourself right out of a job!)

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