>A Success…

>Matt and I began Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University about a month ago.  Let me say, we’re LOVING it!  I did not think I could do the “envelope system” so for years, we tried to do things our own way.  The last 2 years we have worked off a lot of debt, but now we’re ready to kick it into high gear.  We’ve learned so much and are really enjoying this!  I highly recommend ANYONE take this class!

One of the decisions we made this year to save money was to NOT go to PicturePeople for our annual photos.  A those of you who know me well might understand, this was a tough decision.  I tried to work my angle, tried to get a friend to take the pics (but she PCS’ed before we got around to it), but nothing seemed to be working.  So, I decided to take my family to the park and get the pics myself.
I figured that at the most we would have spent was a few hours in dressy clothes at a park.  And we might just get a few good shots.
So, on 22 MAY we dressed up in our Easter clothes and headed to our park here on post.  We had a blast and got a bunch of good shots.  I was planning on taking them to Memorial park later that night (it has a lake and sandy beaches) but it was raining.  But the next morning the weather cooperated.  We headed out in the same dressy clothes and I did my ‘thang.’  I have put all the pics on my facebook, if you’re interested in seeing them.
The 11×13’s arrived yesterday and I have spotted a few minor errors, things I would change if I could go back to the day of.  But I am allowing myself some room for error, as that was my first attempt at taking our own photos.
Saved us a BUNDLE!!!!
The only thing I want to do now is learn Photoshop and Lightroom.  I can do very basic editing, but would like to learn more…
So, success in more ways than one:  I took our family photos myself, and we’re working on paying off one last student loan!  God has taught us so much during our financial difficulties (including our own mistakes).  We are thankful for those lessons learned and are teaching our kids how to avoid those pitfalls early!  (We have Financial Peace, Jr. and are using it with them faithfully!)
Off to the YMCA!  Another blessing the Lord has given us for FREE!  Thanks to the YMCA for providing some military memberships!!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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