>Beyond Cheyenne Mountain


Today I had the opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to do since we arrived in Colorado.  We got in our van and explored the other side of our mountain!  Yes, Cheyenne Mountain has a Western slope and, though I’d never get around to seeing it.  However, today was the day!  After spending an hour or so getting Matt’s new Blackberry Storm set just right (I’m only a touch jealous) and uploading my iLife 09, we ate a quick lunch here at home.  I packed our desserts for a picnic of sorts and we headed out.  Thanks to Susie S. giving us directions, we headed toward the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, though the zoo itself was not our destination.  No, we drove a LONG way off the beaten path on a dirt road (my van did fine…it was well maintained) to see what we could find.  We drove for about 30 minutes wondering if we were ever going to get to the point where we could see the back of Cheyenne Mountain, and were close to giving up because Matt had a wedding to perform tonight.  We decided to give it a few more miles and we are SO thankful we did!  We came to the place where we could see the back of our mountain and a part of our city!  This picture is of the TV antennae we can see from our house, but this view is from the back!!   I was so glad we took the time to do this!  The boys climbed on rocks, threw snow, and enjoyed Ghirardelli chocolates and fancy cheeses.  (Okay, Matt and I enjoyed the cheese, the boys stuck with the chocolate.)  I got several amazing pics, including one of our church some 2o miles away!  
Today was a good adventure and I’m glad we were able to, at last, share this one with Daddy!  
I plan to post the rest of our pics on our Shutterfly site soon!

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