>Bloomin’ Onion

>So, we’ve made our rounds of our top favorite restaurants, but Matt was missing his ULIMATE favorite:  Outback.  We had just not gotten around to it yet.  I think he was saving the best for last.  I was planning on cooking dinner, but he had a craving.  We checked the mail today and what was in there!?!?  A very sweet note from Matt’s “Soldier Angel.”  She has been praying for our family, sending Matt letters and care packages, and keeping up with our lives via blog-world.  The letter was sweet and the kind ya just wanna keep!  🙂  Inside was an additional surprise:  AN OUTBACK GIFT CARD!!!   WHOO-HOO!  It took all of .0003 seconds for us to decided what we were doing for dinner!  

I just want Betty to know how much we enjoyed our “Bloomin Onion” (and ribs, and cheeseburger, and 3 kids meals…those are a real splurge for us!).  
All is well on the homefront.  4 days off wasn’t quite enough, but was just enough all at the same time.  Please pray for our remaining soldiers who are going to be arriving until about the 18th!  Our only hitch was Sunday night when we left Red Robin with 3 balloons.  About halfway home one popped.  It scared Matt to death and let’s just say I was VERY thankful I was still doing most of the driving!
If you think of it, pray for our friends, Corie and Matt, as they’re going to have our crew tomorrow night so we can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style (yes…a day early.  Corie and Matt have and Army Ball on Sat. so we’re watching their boys on the actual Valentine’s night).  

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