>Carson, a door, and some glue…


Tonight I was sitting for a friend while she presented some information to other Army wives about Military Etiquette. I had my sons, ages 7, 5, and 4, plus her sons, ages 4 and 1. We had a good time playing outside while our dinner was cooking away in the oven. The bigger boys rode scooters while little Jack rode in his stroller. After our last trip down the road I sent them all inside.


Corie’s door that enters the house from the garage has a MASSIVELY strong spring. One kid entered the house and kept on walking. Carson, not knowing to watch out for a quickly-shutting door, walked right into the door. It hit him square on the forehead, causing a small gash. It bled like you wouldn’t believe, but with this being our second head wound, that didn’t freak me out. We entered the house to grab something to stop the bleeding, and once I handed him a paper towel with instructions to press hard, I sent the two 4-year-olds upstairs. They are buddies and went nicely. Hayden stayed downstairs to keep Jackson entertained. Carson sat patiently while I removed the pizza from the oven (but kept sneaking peeks at the bloody napkin, which allowed more blood to soak onto his pants…oh well…).


After 30 minutes or so had passed, the bleeding had slowed, but it was still wet. I didn’t feel comfortable NOT taking him to be seen, so I took Jackson next door to their neighbor’s house (they trade sitting) and drove to the house where Corie was because there was a nurse there. She said it looked like it might need a stitch or two, so I then took Aidan to the same house where his brother was, and then took Hayden and Bailey to MY neighbor’s house.


Let me say this: I LOVE the military community. There is never a second where I wonder what I will do in case of an emergency. We really all do take care of each other, and I am thankful for Maddie (sp) and TJ.


Before I went to the hospital I stopped by a friend’s house. She was hosting the “Saturday-night-deployed-wives-get-together” thing. I knew there were a bunch of women who would pray for my little man. (I also called my parents and had them praying. Since I live only a mile from the hospital, I didn’t have time to call anyone else…LOVE FACEBOOK MOBILE UPDATES!) The sweet ladies there put their hands on Carson and prayed for healing. They also prayed for a speedy and easy trip to the ER.


This was the BEST ER visit I’ve ever had, and we’ve had our share. The lady at the front desk was nice, smiled, and talked TO HIM, which was a big deal. Then she came and checked on him while we waited. The nurses who took his information were pleasant and friendly. Then the PA’s who treated him were gentle and funny. They joked with him, told him what was going on, and praised him for being so brave. He never cried or really complained. When the glue burned, he said, “There’s something pokey on me!” and the PA said, “Darn those pokey things!” Just kept him at ease the whole time.


SO pleased with the evening I will probably go back Monday and make a formal “compliment” (do not read as complaint…I have had to do that at this hospital before).


A neat idea I had last February when I was visiting family and friends in NC…take your laptop and some movies. This keeps the kids entertained and their minds off the upcoming procedure. Tonight we watched part of Minnesota Cuke while waiting. It’s a great thing to have distraction, plus it gives them something to do since I won’t let them touch the germ-infested toys they have in the waiting room. (GROSS!)


Thanks for the prayers and concerns!

~Jennifer (and Carson, of course!)


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