Sacrifice of separation, but not the kind you are thinking of…

I recently wrote about our most recent reintegration experiences.  That time of relearning what life is like as a family.

The first two weeks that I force Matt to “vacation” at home allow him a chance to unwind.  Deployed soldiers are on guard 24/7.  They live in the battlefield.  It’s not like they retreat from the battle… sure, they’re fairly safe on their FOBs, but the very term, FOB, indicates their location: Forward Operating Base.  “A base at the forward of the fight.”  Right there.  In the middle of it all.  So those two weeks of mental and physical vacation helped Matt settle his mind and spirit; to recognize in the deepest of places that he was home and safe.

I had a conversation last week with some fellow 1-227 wives during which one recalled a documentary she had recently watched.  The documentary stated that one possible reason that PTSD has become so much more prevalent after these wars is that soldiers go from the battlefield to the home in a 48 hour period.  In past wars, soldiers spent 2-3 months with their battle buddies on a ship, debriefing and decompressing; realizing slowly that they were no longer on the battlefield.  I shared this insight with Matt and he said that he had heard a similar insight about soldiers sleeping in the middle of the battle also adding to the increase in PTSD.  Sleeping on a FOB… as our soldiers do in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Matt is so glad to be home.  He loves being home and he is fully engaged here with us.  But he misses the guys he served with.  Some have already moved on to new duty stations; some are still in Afghanistan, wrapping up our unit’s final responsibilities.  Some have changed units already, and Matt will later this month.  Living 24/7 with people in a dangerous situation creates bonds that I will not ever completely understand.  And I recognize that in a 48 hour time period, Matt had to say “see ya” to many of them.  Sure, he sees some of them at work, some around Fort Hood, others via Facebook or text, but that’s totally different from living/sleeping/working/eating together.

Almost all of my non-military friends have wished Matt well, prayed for him, sent him cards or packages, thanking him for his service.  You know well of the separations from family that he has endured.  You know well that he was in a place where bad things happen.  You know well that he was willing to risk his safety “for God and Country.”  I just wanted you to know that the sacrifices didn’t end the moment his boots hit US soil; that there are sacrifices he has made or still makes that he doesn’t share.  Even with me.  Sacrifices that are almost too sensitive to talk about.  If his Army buddies read this, they might fully agree but I doubt they’d too loudly shout AMEN.  They’re tough, battle hardened men who only share their hearts when they really feel safe to.  And speaking of that, I had the incredible honor of being at a small party Friday night during which this happened.  I saw these guys who have served our Army so bravely share from their hearts how they feel about each other.  There was plenty of laughter going around and one ended up in the pool fully clothed (we made sure he didn’t have his phone in his pocket) but what I took away from that night was that this group of soldiers are forever bound together by their experiences.  I simply could not believe I was in their presence as they spoke.  I didn’t want to make too much noise laughing at their stories for fear that they would notice an outsider among them and quiet down.  They were in their own world.  They were back in Afghanistan, but not fully.  They were safe and their guards were down, and they were sharing the funny stories about flying mostly-broken Apaches, how one used a sausage to prop his TV up… the scary stories about firefights that took them by surprise and about landing near IEDs that ended up being nothing more than PVC pipes.  They told about being awake for days on end and having to brief Generals in their exhaustion, and they told about being woken in the middle of the night to fly missions… about how dirty one of the officers kept his room and about how neat-freak another one was (to the point that he ordered a vacuum off Amazon just to keep his office clean).

These guys… they sacrificed time away from their families.  We all know about that sacrifice.  I know about that sacrifice.  And now that they’re home (at least most of 1-227 is home) they are sacrificing in a totally different way, and it’s tough.  They’re glad to be home with their families, definitely, but this is a different sacrifice the US has asked them to make.  And they try to do it with grace and humility, mostly because they are too tough to do it with anything less than grace and humility.

Matt is home, and he is excited about this next amazing step in his career.  But he will forever be a part of 1-227 and 1-227 will forever be a part of Matt.  The bonds he created in Afghanistan mean more to him than he can relate to me, but I feel it.  I’m honored to be married to someone who sacrificed in service to his country by joining the military, and has deployed twice in her defense.  His sacrifice is continual.

Here is an image of Matt and some of his battle buddies during their patch ceremony.  These patches mean a great deal to the soldiers who wear them on their sleeves. Patch ceremony

So there is, of course, the sacrifice of a soldier separated from his or her family, but when that solder returns, he or she faces a new kind of separation, and one that few really ever talk about.  I just thought you should know.

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Reintegration – that’s a big word…

Reintegration:  the period of time after a soldier returns from a deployment during which family members relearn what it’s like to live together.


We have relished this time.  It’s often referred to as another honeymoon, which is quite accurate.  There is a honeymoon period where everything just works.  And then it’s over and you realize that life has gone back to normal.  Trouble arises when the transition between honeymoon and real life is rocky.

Maybe because Matt’s a counselor; maybe because we’ve seen others do this right/poorly; maybe because we were very very intentional about our reintegration, we’ve had a very smooth transition.  We are technically still within the window of reintegration, so I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think things are going well.

There are a few specific things we do to help this process.  First, we talk about it.  We say out loud that things have changed.  The boys have aged; we have different rules; things they weren’t allowed to do before the deployment are now allowed; things I used to allow are no longer allowed.  We talk about the fact that we had both gotten used to our independence.  I was used to grading Math in bed; he was used to staying up really late and sleeping in a bit.  (Pilots schedules are wonky, so pilot’s Chaplain’s schedules are wonky.)  I was used to seeing my girlfriends several times a week, if not daily in some form or fashion.  He was used to being with the guys at all times.  Talking about these changes in our lives helped us to understand one another and gave us the freedom to say what was on our minds.

Another process we set in place is that for two weeks after Matt gets back from a deployment he’s on vacation.  He does absolutely no household chores or discipline.  (He was more than happy to let me handle all disciplinary issues or questions that start with, “Dad, can I…?”  He wasn’t sure if I let them walk to the shoppette after they’ve finished school each day or whether or not they were allowed to eat ice cream after lunch.  Those are the details that he was able to learn during the two weeks of his vacation.  It was harder, though, to keep him from jumping into the household chores.  He is a man of action and if he saw a need, he wanted to jump in.  But as I mentioned above, many of the jobs he’s used to doing are now assigned to someone.  I had to stop him several times and call in the appropriate son.  After two months, now he’s better about calling one in to do a job that they “were going to get to” but then got sidetracked.

Finally, we frequently remind ourselves that we are in a reintegration period.  That we are going to get to a normal, though it may not ever look exactly like the normal before the deployment.  We remind ourselves that I hate riding in the car, but would rather drive.  And he lets me!  I’m not a good passenger, and our marriage is strongest if I’m not freaking out in the passenger’s seat.  We do our best to go with the flow and allow each other the growing pains that we feel: anxiety over upcoming job changes; the stories that we thought we had told each other but had somehow gotten lost over the airwaves; the massive changes in the boys’ (they’re now teens and preteens) over the past six months.  (Can anyone say HORMONAL?!?)

Reintegration can be the best of times and the worst of times.  Communicating clearly with each other about the changes each person is experiencing; allowing a vacation period just after a soldier’s return; setting realistic yet positive expectations regarding the changes that have taken place; all of these very intentional actions can help reintegration be the best of times.

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The holidays are coming!

It’s August and I’m seeing Christmas decorations.  And I love it!  Sure, it’s a touch early, but instead of allowing it to annoy me, it’s helping to build the anticipation!

My favorite time of year begins the day I can decorate for fall.  Here in TX I don’t wait for the weather to feel like fall… I decorate 1 September!  I start burning “Farmer’s Market” candles and they will burn until the day after Thanksgiving, at which point they will be replaced by “Mistletoe” candles.  We don’t really “do” Halloween but we REALLY do Thanksgiving.  I am literally giddy that it’s time to get into the spirit of being thankful… for our nation, our families, our lives, and then, literally on the heels of that amazing season, the BEST season of all:  celebrating the reason I have hope that this life isn’t all there is.  Christ came!  (I love Easter, too, don’t get me wrong, and I understand that without Easter, Christmas wouldn’t exist, but I love the colors, sounds, and spirit of Christmas.  It is my favorite time of year.)

I saw about 10 people posting on Facebook that they were surprised at how early stores are putting out Christmas decorations and I made the the comment that many of those who are most annoyed by the early decorations are the same ones annoyed during the season about how rushed and busy they are.  I offered this suggestion:  consider the stores’ displays a suggestion to start planning early.  Planning early will help alleviate the rushed feelings that can accompany the months of Nov-Dec.  Learning to say no to some of the activities will also lessen stress.  We are all invited to dozens of activities and it is not necessary to attend every one.

Rebecca Alwine, a friend of mine, wrote an article for about this very topic.  I hope you will read it!  Click here.


Christmas window

(I have to share this… my kids have no idea about the conversation I’m having on Facebook regarding this topic and yet they’re watching a Christmas show on TV right now!)

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And he’s BACK!

My nesting was not in vain! He returned late on the evening of the 29th!  I will be working on the video and slide show sometime, but for now, here is the story and some pictures!

When we found out that our reunion was to take place two-and-a-half months early, Matt and I discussed the idea of keeping it a secret from the boys.  Last deployment we KNEW the date of his return (at least within a few days) because it was a 15 month-er.  We knew that it was unlikely that the government would extend them.  I was able to give my boys the experience of anticipating his return.  It was great to talk to them and count-down to the approximate date.  We were able to go to the welcome home ceremony and enjoy the festivities.  This time, with the always-changing dates, AND with the possibility that an early return might not happen at all, we felt it best to keep this information to ourselves.

When it was made public that our unit would be returning early, I asked my sweet friends here at home to help me keep it a secret, and I only had three people almost spill the beans.  We’ve done well!

The day of Matt’s return I wrote the blog post called “Nesting of a Different Sort.”  As I detailed in that post, I endured many days of working feverishly on getting everything ready all while telling the boys that we were getting ready for our friends (Jason and Audrey) to come stay with us for a while.  This was not at all weird to the boys as Audrey and the kids have spent the night with us a few times, and we have slept there a few times.  I have since asked them if they had any idea what was going on and they have assured me that they suspected nothing and were just happy to get a couple of days off school.

The story I used to keep them off the trail of the truth:
Jason and Audrey are in NC visiting family and have found a killer deal on plane tickets back to TX, only the flight lands in Killeen instead of San Antonio.  Since they’re getting in so late (8:00 PM) and they live 3 hours away, they’ll just spend the night with us.  (Matt’s original return time was 0310 and I wanted to, in advance, give the boys some reason that I was getting them out of bed.  Otherwise, I was afraid they’d be worried.)

On the actual night, they wondered why I was getting sort of dressed up and I just told them that sometimes a girl likes to get all fru-frued up.  They bought it.

When it was time to go to the “airport” I told them I needed to stop somewhere first.  We headed to Cooper Field where we saw other cars, including the Myers’s car.  They wondered why their friends were there and I told them that I thought this was just a function put on by the USO for families.  That explained the music we were hearing from the field.

When we got there our friends were standing on the CAV patch that is embedded on the parade field.  This picture shows the field from above.


Looking at the picture above, the boys and I came from the left side in front of the awning and met our friends on the patch.  Michael M. was holding a bunch of Carolina Blue balloons, which were going to be used for Matt to easily spot us as he marched toward us, but Carson accidentally let them fly away.  (Thank goodness for technology… I was able to text him to let him know that they had flown away and to where to look for us.  Imagine how nervous he would have been had he been looking for the balloons and didn’t know they were gone!  He might think that we hadn’t made it!)

While our friends took pictures and videoed, I asked the boys to read the center balloon, which said, “Welcome Home.”  I asked them who they would like to welcome home and they sad, “Dad?”  Yes, with a question in their voices.  It took a lot of explaining but they finally “got it!”

AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_19 AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_22To convince the boys that their daddy was in Killeen, Kari showed them his picture.  A picture that Chaplain W. had taken an hour earlier at the airport when he and Chaplain G. greeted Matt as he deboarded the plane.  There were TV screens in the building at the parade field showing a live-feed of the soldiers deboarding.  As it turned out, our photographer, April Kroenke, had snapped a picture of this event occurring!  So fun!

Recently Updated20

After we did “the reveal” we headed over to the bleachers and stood chatting while waiting.  Having so many people there made it a wonderful  experience.  We were blessed to have each family around us on our special night!AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_34 AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_29There was music and much dancing.

AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_42 JUMP ON IT, Kemosabe!!AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_74Before too long the word was given that the buses were arriving.  We moved into place and watched as the police escort led our soldiers to the edge of the field.

AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_68 AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_2Marching toward us!  Matt was in the second row behind the flag bearers.  We couldn’t pick him out. AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_86 AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_89So here’s the thing…  We were going to stay in one place and wait for Matt to come to us.  I wanted to have good pictures and I wanted us all to be together.

And then I saw him.  And I ran.

I’m sure we would have gotten a dozen more shots as amazing as this one had I obeyed myself but I didn’t!  I couldn’t!  Here’s our first moment:AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_4There are other pictures that deserve to be in this blog post and I will share those somewhere, but for now, just know that there were tears from a few of us!  This was a happy moment!AprilKroenke_HamrickHomecoming_7My soldier… our whole family, and the people who joined us on our special night! (Minus  Chaplain H and two of his kids who left before it got too late.  Duty calls!)


We are blessed.  We are blessed, indeed.

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Nesting of a different sort.

If you’ve ever experienced the latter months of a pregnancy you probably know what I mean by “nesting.”  I define it as an uncontrollable and sometimes illogical drive to accomplish certain tasks before baby arrives, even if said tasks will in no way make a difference to the baby’s life.  Some moms feel the urge to clean everything in sight.  Some feel the need to cook mass quantities of food to stock the freezer.  While these things are helpful and we can all agree that cooking and cleaning are great things to do before baby comes, the urgency a mom can feel to get these done borders psychotic.  I’d love for you to comment and tell me some of the ways you nested.  Especially some of the more unique tasks you felt you HAD to get done and how urgently you felt that need!

I am in a state of nesting at the moment.  I haven’t mentioned here on my blog that Matt was coming home early for security reasons, but my state of mind is most definitely in the “nesting” category.  I have been cleaning and doing odd-jobs around the house for a few weeks.  It’s very much like pregnancy:  “I know this will end (baby will come/hubby will return) but I don’t know the exact date.”  For this reason, sometimes I’d find myself needing to sleep instead of work.  I wanted to work, but the mental exhaustion would take its toll and I’d need a nap.  RIGHT THEN.  A “no functioning without it” kind of thing.  (Not at all unlike pregnancy.)

Today, Tuesday the 29th of June, I can say with some certainty, that I will see Matt tonight.  (Although, it could be after midnight making it, technically, “tomorrow.”)  Two months before his original return date!  In some ways I’m excited.  In other ways, I’m cautious because all it takes is an issue with a plane and it’s delayed a day, or four.  (Not at all unlike pregnancy.)  The only difference is that over the past few weeks, there was always a true possibility of it being delayed for months… that’s the most stressful part.  The date could always be put back to its original date, and for that, I certainly couldn’t complain, but then, it has been known to be pushed even farther to the right by several months.  Allowing myself to get my hopes up has been very difficult.  Add to all of this we’re trying to surprise the boys!  It’s hard enough to endure the roller-coaster by myself.  If the date were to be pushed back to October, I could handle the disappointment, but to see the boys get so excited about his return only to have them change it… I couldn’t handle that.  And so I have done everything in my power to keep this a surprise!  We’re at 5 hours out and so far so good!  I have concocted a fairly sturdy story and I think we’ll make it!

Sunday I felt the urge to clean both of our cars, fill them with gas, and clean the garage.  But first, I needed a nap.  It was a productive day, with some soccer practice mixed in there.  Yesterday I cut the boys’ hair, got my hair cut and more that I don’t recall at the moment.   Today I charged the cameras, cleaned more of the house, ran a few errands, had his phone turned back on, emptied out our shredded paper container, vacuumed dust from the corners of each room, vacuumed the doors, (YES, the doors), swept and mopped the entire downstairs, washed any item of clothing I thought might be dirty including a pile that I’m somewhat sure might have been clean… {I don’t do the boys’ laundry so I’m not really sure…}, cleaned our porch furniture, rescued all toys from under the couches… and generally tried to keep the house (and my mental state) from deteriorating.  Nesting is over!

Some of jobs over the past few weeks have been to dust every nook and cranny of this house; clean the fridge; change the light in the garage door opener; wax the floors; clean the baseboards; things that need to happen on an occasional basis anyway, but because of the upcoming reunion, I felt the urge to get them done NOW!

I Googled a few articles on nesting and found some really great stories.  Because of the ads surrounding the articles, I won’t add any links here, as I’ll spare your eyes the stuff I had to see, but some were as interesting as bleaching the garage floor and scrubbing ceilings!  Do you have any stories of nesting?  Either from a pregnancy or the return of your military member?

Parker didn’t nap today but fell asleep watching TV… I’m letting him get some rest.  As I post this (at approximately 5:50 PM) my bigs are at a neighbor’s eating pizza because I didn’t want to dirty a single dish.  Parker’s sleeping, and I’m sitting here updating our blog.  I feel it’s safe to do so since the US Army  has already posted publicly about the return!  You can read that article here!!

No more moths!  Just butterflies!






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Two weddings and a lot of amazing people

At Christmastime two of our beautiful (former) youth announced they were getting married!   A sweet set of sisters got proposed to on the same night, and their weddings were scheduled for two different weekends in May.  Facing a deployment, I decided that May sounded like a great time to trek back home to visit family and friends… and to attend two beautiful weddings!

Here is a fast breakdown of our time in NC… Matt was greatly missed.

Wedding #1:  Evan and Anna

_JEN3056 _JEN3069 IMG_4067iPhone photos and the pics I got with my real camera were not awesome.  Here’s one taken by the professional photographer, Carolina Portrait Designs:

10359508_10101143262325228_2487863007592138079_nWedding #2 was actually at the end of the trip, but since I’m in the wedding mood, I’ll share about it now.  Ned and Patti

IMG_4224 IMG_4231 Sweet sisters!  The one in blue was the bride of the first wedding.  I love Evan’s face… it’s like he’s saying, “One more picture?  REALLY?!?” IMG_4236 _JEN3701 _JEN3766Same professional photographer as before, Carolina Portrait Designs:

10258507_711382335567745_2287016958882897087_oAnd now to the much-less-fancy part of our travels!

We saw friends.  Lots of them.  Most of whom we didn’t get pictures of!

IMG_4221 _JEN3194 _JEN3154

We saw family, and loved every minute with them:

Grammy with the boys at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC.

_JEN3599 Uncle Brad and Hayden examine something odd…_JEN3619

Aunt Erin and Parker check out something swimming…_JEN3625Visiting GreatGrandma  (Matt’s mom’s  mom.)IMG_4195 _JEN3582We rode a lot of four-wheelers._JEN3371We went to the beach and celebrated Mother’s Day~

_JEN3201 _JEN3314 _JEN3275 IMG_4140Matt sent me flowers for Mother’s Day.

IMG_4117I taught the boys to mow!

IMG_4161I watched as one of my children became a TEENAGER!


IMG_4078We enjoyed spending time with sweet Madison. IMG_4102

Here you can see Parker and Bailey trying to wake her up after a nap.  It was time to go to Mason’s T-ball game. _JEN3562We spent time at the ball fields!!

_JEN3395And finally, I took the boys’ annual “First Day of School” photos, even though we were not really doing school at the time!  In fact, these were the official “Last Day of School” and “First Day of School” pictures.

We did school until we left for this trip and started right back up again when we got home.  We will take our “summer break” when Daddy gets back from his work-trip.  _JEN3461_JEN3419 _JEN3467 _JEN3484Sweet Spidey…  we spent lots of time in the car.

IMG_4126 We slept in 9 different places and saw many state lines.  It was a trip very much worth taking.  We are so glad we went, but wish Matt could have joined us.  The weddings were precious and the time we spent with loved ones was priceless.  I’m thankful for the friends we have in North Carolina who welcomed us and reminded us of how loved we are.


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The Night I Became a Samurai

Oh, my little one.  He’s my little sunshine.

Yesterday was his last day of preschool and he had the best teachers in the world.  Ms. I was out of town this week, but Ms. W was there, and we remembered to take a picture of Parker with her.  She’s one of the rare ones, the kind of hourly teacher who falls in love with her kids and shows that in her care for them.  Ms. W always told me what Parker did in class, what he ate, and which little girl’s heart he was breaking at the time.  (There are two specific little girls who are both in love with him.)

When we gave her our hugs and loves, Ms. W cried.  She cried!  It broke my heart!  We hate having to say good-bye to our lovely preschool teacher!  Fortunately, we will see her around post because we know where she works for other functions… we will track her down!

Here is Parker with his beloved and absolutely beautiful Ms. W:


That was our morning.  Our evening was much happier.  We took the bigs to soccer practice and since I had napped yesterday afternoon (I’ve upped my exercise routine and I’ve been staying up too late… it caught up with me), I needed to get my exercise in during soccer.  But, I have a 4 year old to watch, too!

The past three times we’ve gone to soccer and I’ve also needed to exercise, I’ve altered my expectations for my workout to include plenty of time to interact with Parker.  Let me state here that in the grand scheme of things, I’m not “the fun mom.”  I let my kids explore, I let them do seemingly dangerous things (climbing trees, skateboarding, etc) but I rarely DO things with them that they would consider fun.  I’ve learned to be okay with the kind of mom I am!  But let me tell you, these past few soccer practices have been fun for Parker!

One night we set goals to run from where we were to the farthest tree.  Once there, we picked the farthest soccer goal and made an obstacle course out of it.  Last night we “ran” one lap around the Lion’s Park here in Killeen before spending another hour at the playground.  While on the trail, I’d run from one park bench to the next and do tricep dips and standing push-ups while Parker caught up.  We spent a good 45 minutes going a mile! All throughout the process, Parker was playing an intricate imaginary game with me.  He was Kai and I was his Samurai sister. We’d have to get our power back by doing push-ups or going super-stealth.  He would chase birds, and then come back to the trail to be a ninja again.  We looked at our long shadows and made shapes and did all sorts of “fun” things. Things that I did with the bigs, I’m sure, but haven’t done much with Parker, mostly because the bigs are always around and monopolizing his time!

At one point Parker climbed onto this lamp post and said, “Samurai Sister, take a picture of me!” And so I did.


If you look really closely (and use a lot of imagination) you can see the massive sword Parker is brandishing in this picture:


I want to send a huge thank you to the family in their car who stopped to let us cross at the official crosswalk… we couldn’t step on the asphalt and had to jump from one white stripe to the next or else risk falling into the pit of fire.  I know we looked absolutely insane… I am, after all, am adult.  I’m sure I was a sight. But thank you for obliging us the extra five seconds we took crossing the street.

It was all worth it when during one of our moments of walking Parker grabbed my had and said, “I’m Parker and I love you, mommy.”

He is loving.  He tells me all the time that he loves me.  He kisses and hugs me more than the bigs ever did.  But there was something special about him coming out of character, grabbing my hand, and telling me that he loved me.  Apparently I had filled his love tank pretty full.

We are going to be spending many more nights at the soccer fields and I have a feeling this will be a great way for me to spend one-on-one time with him, get some exercise (even if it’s light exercise).  It will be fun to introduce daddy to this new game.  We’re past the half-way mark of this deployment and when he gets back we’ll be in for some fun fall soccer!  More hours at the ball fields means more special Parker/mommy (and eventually Parker/mommy & daddy) time.

My heart is full.  Beyond full.  I love being a Samurai.

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Just us… (and strep throat)

In honor of our 15th Anniversary, I decided to go back in time five months to the trip Matt and I took just before this deployment started.

We went to Comfort and Fredricksburg, TX on the recommendations of our good friends… who happen to be from TX.  (So they know where to go!)

First, let me tell you about the place we stayed.  We stayed at the Haven River Inn which has as its mission to be a “quiet, safe ‘haven’ from the busy-ness of life.”  It is a haven, indeed.  In the collage below you will see our breakfast.  I’ve never had better breakfasts in my life.  I would love all my German friends to stay here a few days so they can see what America has to offer in regards to breakfast!  So good.  Beyond delicious.  I’ve never had better eggs and, while I’m usually not a fan of flavored pancakes, these banana-infused gourmet pancakes were out of this world!

not resized1We had deer in the front yard every night after we returned home.  Something we’re not used to seeing in the city!  In the collage above, the room on the second floor with the lights on is the room we stayed in.  We had the place to ourselves, and were I to be a professional writer, I could have created unlimited stories based in this house!  It really inspired me and made me want to write!

The hosts were so friendly and made our stay so comfortable.  On the third floor is a fully stocked kitchen so we were able to bring leftovers back, make coffee any time, and store food in the fridge.  (And by food, I mean coffee creamer, which, to me, is a food group.)

Because we’re history nerds, Matt and I couldn’t resist visiting the National Museum of the Pacific War.   We really want to bring the boys back in October for a live reenactment.   not resized In the evenings Matt and I walked the town, window shopped, and ate local snacks (although I will admit we avoided the chocolate dipped Twinkies and chocolate dipped bacon).  I wish I had had a tripod with me to get clearer images, but these were the best I could get free-handing it.  At the very least, these images remind me of what I was seeing… the beauty of small-town Christmastime.not resized2 The first night we ate dinner at  The Brewery.  YUM.  As in, good enough to go back the second night!  _JEN1296 There was reportedly a “German-style market” going on in a nearby town so we had to check it out.  Food was okay, ambiance was not even close to that of a German market, but it was a beautiful day and we were together.  If you’re going there for the feel of a German Christmas market, you will not find what you’re looking for.  If you’re going to check out local arts and crafts and some interesting foods and soaps, you’ll be in your element.   Below is a picture of  Matt trying out a brat.   _JEN1326 We had heard only good things about the Dodging Duck.  I want to go ahead here and say that my memory of this time is a bit foggy.  I wasn’t feeling great at this point but assumed it was just because we had already run a few miles and gone to the market.  We felt a bit out of place with all the college-age hipster kids we were dining near, and I wasn’t really in the mood to chat.

And to be honest, Matt and I were staring a deployment in the eyes and we had talked about everything we could think of, including the elephant in the room (deployment), and were both unable to push the inevitable out of our minds.

The image below is an after-though picture I snapped as we drove by… I was really not myself.IMG_2860After dinner entertainment:  So my husband has a slightly different sense of humor than I have.  He enjoyed the first Anchorman.  I did not, but sometimes I quote it without knowing what I’m saying, because he does frequently.  At this time, Anchorman 2 was out and we wanted to go somewhere cool and sit to watch a movie.  I’ll give Matt credit and say he told me we could watch any movie out, but I wanted to give him this luxury before he deployed, knowing I would have access to the next year’s worth of movies in theaters while he would be stuck in a sandbox somewhere.

It. Was. Awful.
My FB post during* the movie was this:

I’m sure I made my husband sit through some chick flicks in the past. We are EVEN after this.

No. I think he owes me. 10 more chick flicks. AT LEAST.

The comments that followed:
o Friend 1: What are you watching?
o Me: Anchor Man2
o Friend 1: ROFL!
o Me, an hour later: I’m still suffering. Will this ever end?
o Friend 2 from our dating years: He did sit through Runaway Bride
o Friend 3: My husband’s favorite movie- anchorman. I did not go with him to see anchorman 2 (partly because I had a work function but…)
o Me: From now on I’m not going to guy movies of this genre. He can refuse to see another chick flick with no fear of backlash from me. Password to get out of any future chick flicks is: anchorman. Not case sensitive. Matt Hamrick – did you catch that?
o Friend 4: I still refuse to watch the first one!! When my husband wants to watch those movies, I just go take a long bath!!!
o Me: That sounds great. I’ll do that next time. Or anything else under the sun or moon.

 *No one was bothered by my being on FB during the movie. I had the brightness very low and we were almost the only ones in the movie.  Yes, I’ve seen the previews to turn phones off.  It was interact with civility or die.  I chose to FB!

As we left the theater I told Matt that I suspected I was getting strep throat.  We spent an hour in an urgent care clinic and Matt went into CVS to pick up my medicine.  Back at the Inn we went to bed right away.  By morning I was still very sick.  My throat hurt and I wasn’t any better.  We drove home earlier than we had planned and I got in the bed.  An ER trip that night determined that I am now allergic to penicillin.  Strep throat, fever, and hives are not a fun combo.

They prescribed a Z-Pack and I was better by the 23rd, in time to take care of my kids who ended up getting sick!  Fortunately the entire Hamrick family woke up feeling fine on Christmas morning!


Not sure how a blog post about a romatic getaway evolved into an ER visit and family illness, but when you’re family, those things kind of blend together!  In the end, we had a great time away from our kids and we really appreciate the M family for taking care of our loved ones while we were gone.   We are blessed beyond measure in our relationship, with our kids, and by our friends!

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15 years at 19 weeks!

Why yes, I can understand why that blog post title might be a little confusing.

Let me explain.  Today Matt and I celebrate 15 years of marriage and we are the 19 week mark (plus a few days) of this deployment.

We are half-way through this time apart, barring any extensions Uncle Sam may throw our way, and we have been celebrating the half-way mark all week!  So excited to be at this point!  It’s all downhill from here, baby!

Jen and Matt married almost 14  years April 2013

While hitting this milestone is pretty sweet, the sweetest milestone we’re currently celebrating is our 15th anniversary.  I’ve written this paragraph three times, and nothing quite sums up my thoughts on this event.  I guess I’ll use bullet points:

    • I love our story.  High school sweethearts, college loves, married young.  Not a single thing I would change!

Jen and Matt dating Oct 2995
Jen Matt dating 5-11-1996

Jen and Matt dating 1997?

  • I simply don’t feel old enough to have a 15 year old marriage!  I still feel about 24 years old but something tells me that it’s not mathematically possible to have a 15 year old marriage (and a 13 year old son) and only be 24 years old.  I guess I am older than I feel!
  • We don’t have this marriage thing all figured out, but we do have a fantastic relationship and I thank God for it daily.  I may have taken it for granted for years, but now I literally praise God for Matt and our marriage any time I put on or take off my wedding ring.  (I don’t sleep in it nor do I exercise in it.  I’m not one of those wives who can claim to have never taken it off.)
  • Matt’s mom and dad raised him right and he’s next-to-perfect when it comes to being thoughtful, a gentleman, and helpful around the house.
  • We are a perfect match when it comes to temperature!  We both hate the heat and love to keep the house cold.  Neither of us ever complains that the other is freezing/roasting us!  You may think this a small thing, but if you’ve met me and have heard of my disdain for heat, you’ll understand why this is such a big deal!
  • We are compatible in that we are both natural night-owls.  We prefer to be up late and sleep in.  One day, in retirement, we will be able to resume this fantastic lifestyle.  The Army and homeschooling cause us to reign in our natural tendencies.
  • My love is determined to let me know how much he loves me.  He has already sent me over 100 letters since January, and I presume more will come.  I cleared out a drawer to keep them in!
  • I love that we are on the same page in regards to our finances.  I think it’s funny that we spent the first 10 years of our marriage wearing the wrong hats.  He’s an introvert, quiet, and we assumed that meant he was the “nerd” in the family and should carry the responsibility of handling the majority of the finances.  I’m a “flaming extrovert” (his words), not quiet, and we assumed that meant I was the “free-spirit” and had a tendency to spend.  Through our experiences with Dave Ramsey’s material we learned that our “money personalities” were not at all tied into our actual personalities.  He is a spender and the free spirit and I am the saver… very much the nerd!  I love that we are still learning new things!!
  • Back in February of 2012 we hit a precious milestone… we had been together (including the years we were dating) for half of our lives.  If you want to read more of the ways I love this man, please check that blog post out.

Matt, I am honored to be your wife.  I love being your bride.  I treasure raising your sons.  I look forward to our future!  (One day, we will be empty-nesters and will stay up late, sleep in, and enjoy the view of mountains from our own home!)

C4 ball photo jen matt May 2013


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13 weeks!

I have finally discovered the main reason I have not been writing as often as I did in the past.  My current set-up is quite uncomfortable.  Before, in Germany, I had my computer in the living room where my family congregated.  Here, it’s in my dining room (in the only place we could fit the desk).  In Germany I was able to sit in my recliner while I wrote, so spending a lot of time at the computer wasn’t a problem.  Here, I am sitting in a cheap office chair, and I can’t tolerate more than an hour at a time, and those hours are generally spent doing computer work I have/need to do.

So, I’m in the middle of trying to rearrange my house to fit my computer into that room, but it’s not going to be easy.

All excuses aside, I am going to write this post and give you a brief update on the past few months.  Once I’ve gone back and blogged about each of these events, I’ll come back here and include links to those posts.  For now, I’m just letting you know what’s been going on with the stateside portion of the Hamricks.


As you know, Matt left for Afghanistan in January and we count our ‘weeks’ differently.  I count from Saturdays, because he left our house and I slept alone that Saturday night.  He counts from Sundays since he left US soil on a Sunday!

Since we are at the 13 week mark, I have honored the occasion by titling this post “13 Weeks.”


Also in January I began facilitating two Financial Peace University classes.  This is what I do “for me” during this deployment.  I am absolutely loving these classes and I am working very hard to make sure I can teach it again in the summer or fall.  My morning class has paid off (or saved up) a total of $95,812 and my night class has seen a financial turnaround of $182,503.  Since the class started, people in the two classes combined have made their lives financially better to the tune of $278,315!  All I had to do was  press play on a DVD player!  You KNOW I’m not the one teaching!  I’m just making the DVDs available for people to watch and THEY are doing all the work!

The last Monday in January held a huge surprise for us: a flight to Germany!  We were preparing for a Space-A adventure and had hoped a flight would pop up for us sometime that week, but hadn’t expected it to so suddenly.  The night before I had checked the schedules and there were no flights in the 72-hour forecast.  When I woke up and checked the update forecast, I noticed a flight and been added for THAT DAY.  The boys and I took off on an adventure that allowed us to visit dear friends for three weeks.  This trip healed my heart from its extended grieving over Germany.  I just needed to see it again.  It’s still there.  I can always go back.  That trip left my heart full of precious memories.


See Ramstein?!? That was our destination!


Doesn’t every three-year-old boy want to be awoken by a princess? (My sleeping beast was not in the mood…)

Half of February was spent in Germany, as I just mentioned. It also held my second son’s 11th birthday.  I can’t wait to share the whole story with you about how we ended up where we were, but I’ll tease you a bit by saying we got to spend Carson’s entire birthday with my parents.  It. Was. Perfect.


It was also during this month that Carson began attending Bob’s Diner (Fort Hood’s youth group) with Hayden!  It blows my mind that I have two kids in youth!

During March we celebrated some fun birthdays.
While Carson was celebrated on his birthday with Nana and Papa, he still wanted a “friend” birthday here in Texas.  We had such a great time at that party we pretty much repeated the entire event a few weeks later to celebrate two other Hamrick boys.  Parker turned four, but don’t tell him.  He insists that he’s three still.  He hasn’t decided when he’ll turn four, but it won’t be until at least Christmas.  Bailey turned 10… the third son to enter double digits!  We had a great party celebrating both of them here at the house.  I love that my boys want to be home and want to host here.  They love having people in our home as much as I do!


Our friend Audrey surprised us with a mini-party on Parker’s actual birthday even though we weren’t planning to celebrate until the weekend! No one turned down the cupcakes!


Bailey and Parker designed this cake. Literally. Bailey built the large tree-house and Parker built the “thing” that is in the water… he insisted that it make it on the cake.

I was asked to share a devotion with PWOC and I felt led to share our financial testimony.  It was a great blessing to share my heart and I have heard from several ladies that they’re interested in taking the class if I’m able to offer it again.  If one family becomes debt-free as a result of my sharing our story, it is worth the transparency!  (Oh, and before I stood before the group of women, I talked with Matt to make sure he was okay with it!  Of course he was!  He and I both have a passion to show others how to avoid the mistakes we made and to help others in scary situations find their way out.)

March brought some crazy weather.  While I was down in Austin for the day a huge store blew through and knocked our basketball goal over onto Matt’s Jeep.  Fortunately the only metal to touch his Jeep was the rim of the hoop!  Just a tiny spot of orange!


On the last day of the month I was honored to be able to take photos of a reunion.  I saw a daddy reunited with his children and a husband reunited with his wife.  Matt and I are still so early in our deployment that my heart wasn’t too tender to attend.  I was glad to photograph the family, but more than that, I was honored to be at the event with them.  I loved being a part of their special moment.


My husband was born on the first day of April, but he’s no fool!  He was, however, “April Fooled” because the gift I ordered for him didn’t arrive in time for his birthday.  Or a week after his birthday!  In fact, it didn’t arrive until the 9th!  But he was VERY impressed with my gift-selection, which I’m thrilled about.  I haven’t been able to surprise him in YEARS!
I ordered for him a Lunchbox amp.  It’s about the size of, well, a lunch box.

April has also brought me a great deal of sadness.  I was home during the shooting that took place here at Fort Hood, and I was on lock-down for hours with my children.  I watched the news live along with the rest of the United States.  Honestly, I only felt fearful the first thirty minutes until I felt certain he was on the other side of post.  After the fear dissipated, I was left with apprehension and heartbreak… for the victims, for the shooter, and for his family.

A different kind of sadness: One of my best friends is leaving Texas and moving to the east coast.  I am not ready for her to leave and yet, she is in the middle of a PCS.  Jessica, Owen, and Connor were able to spend a few nights with me on their way out of town, and for that I am incredibly thankful.

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago (on the morning of Parker's actual birthday) when we spent the night at their house.  I thought it was too funny that his other BFF is trying to wake him just like Kayla did in Germany!

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago (on the morning of Parker’s actual birthday) when we spent the night at their house. I thought it was too funny that his other BFF is trying to wake him just like Kayla did in Germany!

My mom’s dad, my precious “GramJack” passed away a week ago today, and I was grateful to be able to fly to North Carolina to be with my family as we honored the man he was.  As you know, leaving four children behind is no easy task (emotionally or physically) as there is a great deal of effort in getting them squared away.  However, my precious friend, Audrey, was more than willing to watch my boys for me while I went to NC.  I drove to San Antonio on Tuesday (which was perfect, as Fort Hood was going to be on lock-down on Wednesday for the memorial services for the victims of the shooting).  We arrived pretty late and went straight to bed.  I flew out Wednesday morning and was picked up by my dad’s parents, Grannie and Grandaddy.  I was able to see a few family members that evening.  One of my favorite moments was when my niece came to me as if she knew who I was.  At 18 months, Madison really hasn’t had a lot of time to get to know me, but she still came right to me.  I rewarded her by taking her on a four-wheeler ride!  Her big brother, Mason, is as loving and adorable as ever!
Thursday was the funeral and the emotions of seeing family I haven’t seen in 10 years mixed with the sadness of knowing that I’d never again hear GramJack ask my boys if they were married yet.  (I was asked that question on a regular basis when I was a little girl.  He loved to tease!)

IMG_3880 IMG_3882
Friday I flew back to my babies but arrived so late that I didn’t expect to see any of them…  However, two of my stinkers were still awake at midnight when I got there.  Bailey and Parker met me at the door, and then Parker proceeded to wake Hayden so HE could see me!  I got my loves and then crashed!

We got home yesterday after I finally got to spend a little time visiting with Audrey.  She told me some of the sweet things my boys had said or done and graciously left out the annoying things.  Bless her!

I am looking forward to getting back on our routine tomorrow.  OH!!  About that routine!  I have to share this tiny news with you, and I’ll write more about it later.  (At least I intend to write more later…)  We added a new curriculum to our schooling and I am so very excited about it.  Last night as I was getting ready for bed when Bailey came in and asked me if I would read to them from our school book.  It was a Saturday night.  (That is a clue to those of you who have used this curriculum before.  If you have used it, you’ll probably know which one it is by the fact that Bailey was asking me to read to him!  If you don’t know, stay tuned!  I’m excited to share it with you!)

I want to write more regularly but I haven’t managed to fit it in with our new schedules here in TX.  Sitting in an uncomfortable chair, having a deployed husband, using a more challenging curriculum, and traveling quite a bit is keeping me away.  These are my excuses.  I know full well that we will make time for the things we really want to do, and so I assume that I just don’t want it badly enough to get up early like I did the past few years.  Maybe I’ll work myself back toward that idea.  Until then, at least I got you somewhat caught up!


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